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But alas! Let us see then what a particular Comparison may do! But I am unwilling to shew his Superiority only by recounting the Errors of those who now cannot answer to them, let their farther Failings therefore be forgotten!

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Text Only Views Go to the text-only view of this item. David Roberts. Her will was proved by Frances, wife of her nephew John Williamson. His innovations in scenery and company management, and his association with the dramatic inheritance of Shakespeare, helped to change the culture of English theater. Mary was granted a pension by Queen Anne but she died in and was buried with Thomas on 13th April. Unlocking potential with the best learning and research solutions.

For I am not yet sure that they might not be as much owing to the false Judgment of the Spectator as the Actor. While the Million are so apt to be transported when the Drum of their Ear is so roundly rattled; while they take the Life of Elocution to lie in the Strength of the Lungs, it is no wonder the Actor, whose end is Applause, should be also tempted at this easy rate to excite it. Shall I go a little farther? I mean that dangerous Affectation of the Monotone, or solemn Sameness of Pronounciation, which, to my Ear, is insupportable; for of all Faults that so frequently pass upon the Vulgar, that of Flatness will have the fewest Admirers.

That this is an Error of ancient standing seems evident by what Hamlet says, in his Instructions to the Players, viz.

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A farther Excellence in Betterton was, that he could vary his Spirit to the different Characters he acted. Thus, with a settled Dignity of Contempt, like an unheeding Rock he repelled upon himself the Foam of Cassius.

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Perhaps the very Words of Shakespear will better let you into my Meaning:. Not but in some part of this Scene, where he reproaches Cassius, his Temper is not under this Suppression, but opens into that Warmth which becomes a Man of Virtue; yet this is that Hasty Spark of Anger which Brutus himself endeavours to excuse.

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Et, si vis similem pijigere, pinge sonum , is enjoyning an impossibility. When the skilful Actor shews you all these Powers at once united, and gratifies at once your Eye, your Ear, your Understanding: To conceive the Pleasure rising from such Harmony, you must have been present at it! Comments: Colley Cibber was an English actor-manager, playwright and poet laureate, whose engaging memoir Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber is one of the best accounts we have of the theatre of his times.


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Thomas Patrick Betterton (August – 28 April ), the leading male actor and theatre manager during Restoration England, son of an under-cook to King Charles I, was born in London.‎Apprentice and actor · ‎Actor and manager. Thomas Betterton, (born c. , London, Eng.—died April 28, , London), leading English actor of the Restoration period and author of several popular adaptations. Thomas Betterton. born c.

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Highfill, K. Langhans, , 16 vols. Garrick Club, London. Pepys, ed. Matthews, 11 vols. This causes some problems. This difficulty leads to a rather clumsy paragraph from Gildon:.

Thomas Betterton

Of course, it has its advantages too, for it allows Gildon to avoid, for the most part, naming contemporary actors. He worries, for example, about actresses taking offence at his strictures and so remains ambiguous. Later on, the density of classical examples helps to give the impression that Gildon is promulgating immutable rules of nature, as valid two thousand years ago as they are now. But what advice does Gildon give? As with Wilkes, all such advice is, of course, also calculated to trigger admiration for those actors who have apparently followed it in becoming successful.