The CEO of YOU

The CEO of You: Chief Energizing Officer of Your Own Uniqueness
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The only problem is that Nordstrom doesn't sell tires. Never has. But the story endures as a symbol of the idea that at Nordstrom the customer is always right. Now, however, it seems that neither that customer service reputation nor a bunch or other things that Nordstrom has reportedly been doing correctly is enough. The company "invested heavily in e-commerce, didn't open too many cavernous stores, and has been quick to experiment with new types of shopping formats," reports The Wall Street Journal.

And some members of Nordstrom's board have a theory as to why.

You are the CEO of your life

From to , Nordstrom's president was Blake Nordstrom, great-grandson of the company's founder, John W. Then, this past January, Blake Nordstrom died suddenly after a battle of cancer. According to the Journal , neither surviving brother is really percent in charge. Once your vision has been firmly established, it will guide your actions in a meaningful way. Taking action is not easy; you will have to overcome fear, doubt, and quite possibly rejection. To successfully execute and be the CEO of your own life, you must have the ability to feel fear and do it anyway.

It can be simple and straightforward: It just needs to be a step. There is no wrong action as long as it moves you closer to your vision. If you want to be an artist, take an art class. If you want to start a business, go do the research. If you want to write a book, write the first sentence. The only way you will ever realize your vision is to take action. And the more you relate your actions to your vision, the more fulfilled you will feel. Great things can happen only when you step outside your comfort zone.

When I lost my first job in my early 20s, it would certainly have been easier to seek security as an employee at another tech company. But my vision was to create a life with freedom and control. After feeling unable to control my own destiny when my first company went bankrupt, this vision drove me to become an entrepreneur and allowed me to overcome my fears about doing so. My vision not only dictated my actions, but it also gave them the meaning that carried me through long hours and myriad doubts.

CEOs have to pay attention to all aspects of their businesses, and being the CEO of your life is no different. You need to evaluate all facets of your life and make changes where necessary. One of the most important factors contributing to your success or failure is the people you surround yourself with. They will help you to determine your next steps moving forward to help you raise the stakes and take your company to the next level.

Every Fortune company has a vision. It has a purpose that drives it forward each and every day. And who better to build and define that vision than the CEO?

Become the CEO of You, Inc.

Every successful company has a set of goals , targets, and objectives that drive them forward each day, week, month and year. Only in this way will there be congruence between your words, deeds, and actions. What things will I need to focus on and work through each day to reach the goals I have set for the next year? What long-term goals do I have for my company?

Your company is your life. Therefore, the goals you have for your life, are also the goals you have for your company. They are one and the same thing. If you want your life to improve, then you must commit yourself to bringing these goals to fruition. You must commit to your shareholders family members who depend on you that you have what it takes to hit key targets that will move your company forward. Then display them in a prominent place where you can reference them each day.

This will keep you focused and on target. It includes the work environment, the mission statement, shared values, ethics, expectations, and goals. In fact, it is you. The culture of the company is at its core YOU. Given this, consider for a moment how you are as a person. Consider how you handle various situations, how you respond to adversity , how you give of yourself to others, and how you conduct business. Then ask yourself:. Having answered these questions, take a moment to reflect on who you are at your core.

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Given the goals that you have set for your company, are you the right person for the job? Are you in the right frame-of-mind to pursue these goals? You may need to do a little more work on yourself to develop the mindset required to successfully lead your company. Keep in mind that the culture of your company will evolve over time. Every successful company is built upon a bedrock of systems and processes. These systems and processes help streamline the workflow and allow each department to function more effectively and efficiently.

Systems and processes come in the form of habits and routines. In other words, you must develop very clear habits and establish essential routines or rituals that will help you work more effectively and efficiently throughout the day. How do I handle adversity and problems?

How do I manage my time and resources? How do I go about making critical decisions? Given this, establishing the right habits and routines is absolutely paramount as it will help you stay focused and productive.

Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

Furthermore, you need to streamline how you make decisions , how you manage your finances , how you handle problems and adversity , etc. All this might sound a little over the top, but every Fortune company has contingency plans in place. When something goes wrong, they have systems and processes in place for handling these kinds of scenarios. Moreover, they have checklists or guidelines in place for making critical decisions and for managing their time, finances, and resources.

You need to commit yourself to streamlining how you work and how you manage critical resources. How will I manage my time, my finances, and my resources? What systems, checklists and processes must I put in place? How will I make critical decisions that affect my future?

What set of criteria will I use for this purpose? In the end, the systems and processes you put in place will help you to manage your life and company far more effectively. You will become more reliable, dependable, and trustworthy because you have systems and processes habits, routines, and rituals in place that you can rely upon to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

Applying the Concept to My Life

"It's full of practical ideas to help you take charge of life, and accomplish more than ever thought possible." -- Brian Tracy, Author, Psychology of Achievement. "Make things happen for you, don't just let them happen to you," is Susan Bulkeley Butler's call to action for you to take responsibility for your life. Susan has mentored hundreds of women, and in Become the CEO of You, Inc. she provides you with the lessons and tools that she.

Large companies are typically divided up into departments.