Orchestral Vices

Orchestral Vices
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Classical Net Review - Markevitch - Complete Orchestral Works, Vol. 4

When we first met to discuss this piece, Steve was interested, above all else, in pushing the boundaries of what a dulcimer could do. A beautiful, tender instrument with a proud American folk tradition, the dulcimer is fairly primitive. An ardent fan of Wendell Berry, I wanted this piece to be of the images and moods of an ever-modulating earth, and so I borrowed terms of a working Kentucky farm, where dulcimer is indeed the state instrument. It is my hope that the piece moves in many moods and textures, much like the many different colors in a broad band of light. All the titles denote movement, and all the movements indicate reverence to mother earth and to the ultimate spiritual father of us all.

Discovering the Music of Brian Irvine

Carl Orff was a composer and music educator. He was born in Munich, spent all his working life there, and died there. While he produced a very large body of work for the theater and the concert hall, he was principally dedicated to the musical education of children. His research into music and movement and the mind of the child changed how music was taught in schools in Europe and abroad.

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As a composer he was trained in the Romantic and Classical styles, but around decided that those styles had "run their course" in his mind. He turned to simple melodies and primitive rhythms, incorporating them into his own compositions. In Carmina Burana he found the perfect vehicle for expression of his new style.


You must be logged in to post a review. Game music follows the action and the characters of the games, so the structure tends to be more episodic, much more like film music. Or browse results titled :. About John Hackett. I found it intriguing but ultimately elusive and not particularly rewarding.

Orff first came upon Carmina Burana when its content was staged as a ballet in Frankfurt in He reported wrote to his music publisher saying, "You may now shred everything I have written in the past and that you have unfortunately published. With Carmina Burana my Collected Works begin.

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During the 10th to 13th centuries groups of derelict poets, defrocked priests and drop-out students roamed throughout Europe. They were known as Goliards or Vagabonds. Unlike the polite poetry of the time, the Goliards spoke in earthy, explicit language.

Their writings were cynical and irreverent and filled with references to their lifestyle, which included gambling, drinking, thievery, vices of all sorts, and religious criticism. A collection of these songs and poems, about of them, was found in a monastery about 50 miles from Munich in They comprised lusty love songs, bawdy student songs, drinking songs, and short plays critical of the clergy, all written in Latin, French or German vernacular.

These formed the basis for Carl Orff's greatest work, which he described as a "scenic cantata".

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First performed at the Frankfurt Opera House in , it begins and ends with a hymn to the goddess Fortuna, who is depicted as a giant wheel that carries its victims to great heights, then dashes them to the ground. The first section describes Spring, with rustic songs and dances. The second section is set in a tavern and is a description of the fun of drinking, gambling and eating.

The third part, called The Court of Love, is a hedonistic and sensual celebration of the delights of love. The final section unifies the work, and serves to remind the listener that we are all at the mercy of Fortune. At its American premiere in San Francisco in , one reviewer stated that it was "one of the most vivid, picturesque, and richly tuneful choral pieces of modern times. At times it has had mystical power attributed to it, and even had cults form around it.

The 13th century Goliards would have been amazed. Stephen Seifert's teaching and playing have made him a favorite with dulcimer players all over the country since Stephen was dulcimer soloist with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra starting in and is featured on their Warner Classical recording of Conni Ellisor's Blackberry Winter, a concerto for mountain dulcimer and string orchestra written with consultation from the great David Schnaufer.

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The piece continues to be in regular rotation on many classical stations around the U. The recording album is titled "Conversations in Silence" and can be sampled and purchased on iTunes. He's also performed the piece with renowned organist Wilma Jensen who arranged it for organ and dulcimer. His orchestral repertoire also includes a second concerto from Conni Ellisor titled Broad Band of Light, and two concertos from composer Mark Steighner. He also taught, performed, and recorded with Mr.


Schnaufer as a duo throughout the country. Stephen has authored ten books, four CDs, and 16 instructional videos. Two Russian masters inspired by two exotic stories. Rimsky-Korsakov conjures up the exoticism of ancient Persia as the legendary queen Sheherazade entrances the King with her stories for a thousand and one nights, thus winning his heart and escaping the grizzly fate of her predecessors.

Carmina Burana

The scenic cantata Carmina Burana provides musical fireworks on a grand scale as we join forces with local choirs, and soloists from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, to celebrate 25 years of Penrith Symphony Orchestra. Based on a set of medieval secular poems in Latin and early German, the work celebrates the human spirit. Combining twentieth century style with medieval rhythms and tonalities, it explores the fragility of fortune and wealth, the joy of Spring, and the pleasures and perils of human vices.

Guest-conducting Penrith Symphony Orchestra for the first time is Japanese maestro Sadaharu Muramatsu , who now resides in Sydney where he teaches at the Wesley Institute. Sunday 23 June