Jai deux amours (Editions 1 - Documents/Actualité) (French Edition)

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Sort order. Oct 07, Gabrielle Dubois rated it it was amazing Shelves: 16th-and-less , female-authors. Lucky girl, her father, a master artisan from Lyon, France, who read the Pantagruel by Rabelais, raised Louise as her brothers, in the knowledge and the same games. Louise is a good musician, but she also knows Latin and Italian so much that she wrote some poems in Italian.

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Lucky me I read this book in French, because poetry can hardly be translated. Unlucky me, I read it in an old edition keeping the old French, not so easy to read. But Lord! I tend to be suspicious and skeptical towards intellectuals who call themselves purely intellectual. A person is not only a brain, a person is also a body and senses.

The proof, here is an excerpt from a letter she wrote to a female friend, letter written years ago and still relevant today! They must show men the harm they did to us by depriving us of the right and the honor that could result. And if a woman achieves a degree of knowledge, that she puts her conceptions in writing, that she does it carefully, and that she does not disdain glory; but rather that she adorns herself with them like with a jewel or sumptuous clothes, which we can esteem to be ours only when and because we wear them.

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But the honor which knowledge will procure us will be entirely ours; it cannot be taken away, neither by the wiliness of a robber, nor by the force of an enemy, nor by time. I would like to see our sex to exceed or to equal men, not only in outer beauty, but in knowledge and virtue I live, I die; I burn and drown myself; I am extremely hot while enduring coldness: Life is too soft and too hard to me.

I have great boredoms mixed with joy. All at once I laugh and I cry, And in pleasure, I often endure torment; My good goes away, and for ever it lasts; All at once I get dry and get green.

Then, when I believe my joy to be certain, And be at the top of my desired happiness, It puts me back in my first misfortune. The 21st century will be female! Mar 29, Katharina Kiehn rated it liked it. Incredibly brave and daring for her time.


A renaissance woman in a male dominated world where women were but objects to adore, she writes about her feelings and desires. And i am not the biggest dan of poetry from that time in general. Well, not sure if I thought it was 'beautiful' as my subject catagorey suggests, but it certainly was interesting There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

J'ai Deux Amours - Madeleine Peyroux - Victoires du Jazz 2005

Oh, without believing it but shameless, Oh, this lady counted Eighteen hundred gold coins in it. What an amount, For us it's a treasure!

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J'ai deux amours (Editions 1 - Documents/Actualité) and over one million other books are available for Try the Kindle Edition instead and start reading now. Results 17 - 32 of 93 A mes amours (Littérature Française) (French Edition) J'ai deux amours ( Editions 1 - Documents/Actualité) (French Edition). by Kenza.

Let's murder this man, We'll have all his gold! This worthy soldier Didn't go out from here! Please wake him up So that I kiss him I love him tenderly! I feel my crime Dragging me to death! My son is my victim, Great gods, what a sad fate! Yesterday night after dusk To get his wealth I took my big knife. Oh, of this lovely child, I, his abominable mother, Have been the executioner. Il faut les aller prendre un dimanche matin. Do you want to know the carefree children?

You need to go and catch them on a Sunday morning. You need to go and catch them on a Sunday morning, Going out from high mass "Mate, where do you come from? You'd have drunk sour wine and left this good one. I'd have sold my gown 1 and my velvet doublet I'd have sold my gown and my velvet doublet Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Go to tell my beloved that she'll have no sweetheart any more Go to tell my beloved that she'll have no sweetheart any more, That he went to war to serve the king That he went to war to serve the king To serve the king, the queen and his fatherland too.

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To serve the king, the queen and his fatherland too. Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Go to fetch my fife and my nice lit. And too la la La dera dirette And too la la They would go away during the evening gatherings, Leaving their husbands in bed… And eleven would strike And almost midnight… Their husbands would ask, "Poor women, where do you come from?

Les mariniers sont des trompeurs de filles Plus de cent mille fois je m'en suis repentie. We hardly were into their ship When the North wind started to blow To blow, to blow such a storm That it brought us on the floating sea. I stayed on the floating sea Without going back to see my homeland to accost Saying 'Mother, my sweet mother!

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But these reformers, because of their gloom and their battling for the "Idea," remain largely outcasts amidst their people, looked upon with a mixture of doubt and admiration by the very throngs to which they appeal for reform; whereas the caricaturists could spice with banter their preaching of the same reforms without being stoned for it. In terms of content, this was perfectly compensated by a number of enthusiastic moderators and editors. This allows us to surmise that the complete collection was made up entirely of sueltas from the same press or from the same bookseller's numbered series; and perhaps only one such set, for the bookseller himself, was ever actually made up. Register to vote. Lope's s favorite glosa has a place here.

What will the people from my homeland say to me, For having spent seven years without being back? I'll tell them that I was in the shadow, Over there, over there under a tender folliage. What will the people from my neighborhood say to me, For having spent seven years without earning anything? I'll tell them I was in the islands 1 That I was courting some beautiful girls.

Sailors are girls deceivers, More than a hundred thousand times I regretted that I did. SPRING WATER Spring water 1 will make you die, poor dear, 2 Spring water will make you die, You must mistrust this water, poor dear, You must mistrust it, drink a glass of good wine 3 If a young girl wants to get married, poor dear, If a young girl wants to get married, She mustn't be given of this water, poor dear, she'll better drink a glass of good wine.

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Ent as jagut? Where did you sleep? I an tampat lo cuol Amb una castanha. Chorus Didn't you hear The cicada sing? Didn't you hear The cuckoo sing? Quand nous tondrons nos blancs moutons Nous partagerons la laine. A horseman happened to pass by He brought back the fifteen of them When we fleace our white sheep We'll share the wool. Fat Thursday has eight sheep…. Occitan -Gascon dialect Qui t'a cargat la gala, Torrin?

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Qui t'a cargat la gala? I-ala-te-la, i-ala-te-la Son las goiatas de Sent Sever. Who passed the scabies on to you, Tourrin 1 Who passed the scabies on to you? Take it away, take it away, It was the girls from Saint-Sever.

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She's always at the foot of the casks. She looks like young veal 1 Never near the water 2 No risk she'd fall in it. When I'm away, You'll have to drink water. The merille 3 wine peps me up The aramon 3 wine makes the cork go off.

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You have a wolf in your sheep barn, it wants to eat the sheep lit. If you give me my weapon back, I'll let you go away. We don't dare to say what happened to us. While drinking a glass, they can sing it! Open, sweetheart, open, Here's you lover coming. How could I open the door to you? I'm ill in bed. I found a nest That look like the one of a thrush. I took the strongest fledging from the nest I took it to my sweetheart.

At the end of these seven years and three days The bird took its flight. It goes to sit on the hawthorn To eat some haws. I'll give you some of my white bread And profiteroles.