In Agreement with God: Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason

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Its been a week , and Im dying inside. Someone please explain this issue for me … Please. Use this time to do the same as your girlfriend and deepen your relationship with God. Even though a breakup can be hard, you never want to feel like it is leaving you hopeless. With regards to her, give her space and allow her to think about you and the relationship. Hi Emmy. I am going through a similar scenario. I am at a stage where I am learning to love myself and God again. Trust and time are the answers….

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My ex break up with me 6 months ago, and i still couldnt move on. Called him and he dont even wanna be friends now. I prayed and prayed very hard. He left because he said he couldnt handle long distance relationship and i felt my response back then was too immature or else we could still be friends. So now i really really just want to be friends with him after praying to God asking him to love me back and all, now i just want to pray for him to just stay relevant in my life. Like a friend.

Is it wrong to do so? Will God still say no to this?

I am going thru something atm. So I met someone on a Christian dating site. We started talking and praying together and reading Christian books and we both encourage each other in our Christian walk. But God has said to this person that he is going in a different direction to what God has planned for him..

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And I am struggling to understand what that means for us, and the possibility of a future there.. God always told me patience and to trust him.. Hi Leeisha, there is only one way for you to understand. And that is by asking. If he wants a relationship, then the two f you need to establish what it should look like.

And if he just wants friendship you have to set boundaries, so that you can protect yourself from falling for him. God bless you for sharing this. I broke up with my Ex 2 years ago but I feel so tied to him. Yes, it felt like love but I idolized him and I had to take a break. Is it possible for God to give us people we feel nothing.

I need help! If you still feel for your ex, you should not be dating, but instead, keep working on untying your souls. I have been in a few relationships and needless to say, none of these worked out. Basically I never loved any of them. I also was never interested in getting married to any of them.

I was sort of happy and safe on my own and made peace that I will grow old without a soulmate. I believed that I was incapable of loving any man.

Then my path crossed with someone I hadnt seen in 30 years. He was at that stage an acquaintance and I never had any feelings for him. He gave his life to Christ a year and a half prior to us meeting. We fell in love instantly. I knew this is the man I want to marry. I was disobedient to God by having a sexual relationship with him and God told me many times that He is going to remove this man from my life because i do not put God first.

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And God kept His word. This guy just stopped loving me overnight. I repented and asked God to heal my relationship with thia man. I also asked God to confirm that this guy is my man. God confirmed many many times. I still receive promises from God that He will restore us and that it will be better than before. Yet, praying and fasting for more than 3 months, there is still nothing. I keep on getting messages that my breakthrough is on the verge of manifistation. I have come to the end now.

I cannot do this any longer and feel that Gods blessings and promises are only for some people. Maybe super human people. Im confused about everything and rather want to die so that the pain would stop. Anyway, thats my story, that God removed him because of my disobedience and it seems that i will pay for my mistake forever.

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In Agreement with God: Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason by Jimmie Willingham. We hold the tools to create a masterpiece. We also. Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason by Jimmie Willingham DORRANCE PUBLISHING CO., INC. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA.

Hi Menesty, this situation sounds very tricky and I understand that it must have been heartbreaking. However, it sounds like have a lack of trust in God. I will pray for you. Do you have any tips for getting over infatuation? How do I move on? I do understand that this stage felt very close to a real relationship. But the one thing I would suggest you do is to remind yourself every day that it was not love. Because reality is, if you met someone else today you would probably end up feeling the same thing. Other than that, check out my post on overcoming heartbreak to find some practical tips to get over someone.

Very Profound words Sistah Queen. I Have a friend who went back to a guy who had so many things wrong but due to her need to feel love. Me and a few other friends and family members prayed for her deliverance.

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One of the things we have to look out for and pray over is separation of soul ties. That alone can cause blindness in a relationship. I pray that everyone may find a agape type of love vs the selfish me and my feelings type of love. Yes that sounds like the relationship that I was in over a year ago. Wow …. The praying and asking God to get wya back together and the whole nine yards of your story was mine …. I am going through a similar situation. It hurts bad because I was just so sure he was the one but in all actuality I was idolizing him and the relationship, ending over backwards and I am just so hurt.

Bringing me peace and drawing me closer to him. The first almost took my life by his hands but my pleas to God to save my life was answered seconds later as a neighbor heard my cries and police soon beat on my door as I was being taken into attic.

This was almost three years ago. Still awaiting trial. Mentally attacking me and degrading me.

In Agreement with God: Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason

It opened my eyes and know through God all things are possible. Ended that relationship without hesitation but much prayer and therapy. It is in his time, through his wisdom and grace, that if I am to be in a relationship, God will bring the right person to me at the right time. This is my life now as I write this.

Thank you Justine for your beautiful insight on Love and the real meaning of Love, God!