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Our age, he said, was chaotic because Darkness had swallowed up portions of the Light.

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But, he said, Jesus came into the world as part of a battle to distil Light from the Darkness. Again, true. This was "an astonishingly successful faith" - until the most evil religious leaders of the Catholic Church could repress, overcome, or destroy its truth. Indeed, long after the Manichaean Church ceased to exist in the West [having had all its adherents tortured and killed by the self-righteous Catholic Church] the Inquisition was established to put down rashes of what the Catholic Church saw as neo-Manichaeism.

In other words, whenever and wherever the truth has appeared, it has been ruthlessly destroyed by the archons. The Time article hints in a paragraph on "Jesus the Buddha" that Jesus is spiritually merged with Buddha in fact, it was the same Being, the Christos, in differing times and that this Higher Being Christ "will come at the end of the world".

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True again. This physical world shall pass, and all within it.

Only the Light will remain. It is interesting to note that Plato refers to the demiurgos, the creator of this world, who is not the true God. Also note that written law, even the Law of Yahweh, is not justice, as was explained in the book "One World". In this passing world of shadows and Darkness, faithful True Beings there are many who have not remained faithful to the true God need to find the Light and the Truth, and honor it.

For there is a force of Evil which took over this dimension and has been consolidating its position by eradicating every last vestige of Truth and Light since then.

See a Problem?

There is a force which causes and is benefited by all suffering. There is an intent behind suffering; it is not just random or purposeless, an essential evolutionary step, as some scientists contend.

There is a secret agenda the archons follow. And, there is a reason for all the madness, confusion, exploitation and spiritual anarchy. Many a drunken sod or an evil programmed fool, even a mendacious archon, will tell you, without batting an eyelid, that,. I will go further and say that this world was built, and is run, so that the majority suffer maximally, in the greatest number of ways, for most of the time.

And this is very much on purpose, as I have discussed elsewhere. The Zionists The evil demigod has a chosen race to serve him best and that race consists of what I term the Zionists. In Judaism and Christianity there is a purposeful, self-serving confusion between who is a "child of God" and who is not.

Of course, both religions profit, prosper, and grow by identifying all of the wrong people as being the children of God , while condemning everyone else especially the true children of Light to the darkness of hell. This paradox is a purposeful evil ploy.

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But is it any wonder that the most evil would proclaim themselves to be the most good, and declare those who know, love, or serve the true God , not the false dogmas of the religions, to be evil? Evil is cunning and masterful at reversing the truth and weaving the lie.

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The biblical term that is usually translated as "trust" actually means "to hide with confidence". The powers-that-be, the archons, who head or control governments, economies, religions, business, education, law, science, and every other institution on this planet, whom we mistakenly trust, hide with confidence. They are not just "greedy" or "ambitious", they are demons in human bodies, the spiritual force of evil. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers , whose dynasty they financed have the philosophy that they don't care what the "government" is, if they control the money, they control the government.

The most powerful archons who run this world, who embody the agenda of evil, are the so-called "Zionists". By this term I mean those authorities and leaders in this world who serve the greater evil on other levels including "hell". This world is not the kingdom of God but the kingdom of Zion, the spiritual force of evil.

And the Zionists feel that they are ordained to rule this world, that they are above Good and Evil. They consider themselves "gods" or "masters of the universe". They are the Titans whom Zeus who was not a myth but a real being of the Christ energy came to eradicate. The secret world rulers believe themselves to be in the blood-line of "Zion" - tracing their origin back to the evil demi-god they serve. They are masters of evil, passing on their evil heritage, wealth, power, and world domination, cultivating progenitors in their ontologically evil family, from one generation to the next.

Zionism is, of course, also a political ideology, largely sponsored by the Rothschilds, and responsible for the establishment of Israel, which is its spiritual homeland. Realize that the Zionists are not necessarily Hebrew or Jewish. Evil is not restricted to any single gene, race, or religion, as should be obvious from examining the history of the Catholic Church, the fanatical Muslims, any group or society. I am anti-Evil, in all its manifested forms. Still, the Zionists are closely tied to the Jewish race and the Japanese race the dual financial centers of the world are New York and Tokyo.

In both of these races, special controlling consciousnesses were implanted by the evil demi-god, to advance them in the world of finance and business. For these select ones, money and control of this world's resources, in "trust" for the evil demi-god, are their total obsession in life, to ensure the subjugation of this world to Mammon, the god of money.

Freedom Trap

Very simply, those who are given the greatest power in this world are the ones who arrogantly and righteously enjoy wielding that perverse power, who willingly serve their evil source. They are the world-controlling archons, and the masterminds of the New World Order. The New World Order , as I explained in "One World", is essentially the means for implementing the agenda of evil in this world. Part of the plan of the New World Order is the anchoring of the evil spiritual essence in a place which totally supports it, Israel. And in typical evil perversity, the establishment of Israel has been given as a prerequisite for the Second Coming , by such diverse people as Lord Balfour in the s and US President Ronald Reagan.

Israel is a very evil place manifesting typically evil modes of behavior: the imprisonment without cause of so many Palestinians, their oppression, the robbing of their lands, and destruction of their communities. These things compare to what the Jews decry has happened to them in the past. To any objective witness, the Israelis have demonstrated the same cut-throat evilness that they claim to be uniquely free from due to their special relationship with their "god".

Many have jokingly remarked that they act like reincarnated Nazis. Those who say this are not too far from the truth. Horowitz declares, in The Spirit of Jewish Law , that,. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. This description of the "peaceful" beginnings of the State of Israel is perfectly analogous to the usurping of this dimension by the evil demigod.

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The tactics were identical: rout the indigenous population, who were innocent and benign, destroy their communities, relocate them into hostile environments, and oppress and abuse them as much as possible. What is this force, this power, that believes itself above all morality, all justice, all truth?

It confuses might with "right", oppression with self-determination, selfishness with virtue - religion with God. Lilienthal quotes Toynbee:. It is a bad religion because it is the worship of a false god. It is a form of idolatry which has led its adherents to commit innumerable crimes and follies. Unhappily, the prevalence of this idolatrous religion is one of the tragic facts of contemporary human life".

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This "power" is worshipped and supported by Jewish Zionists-Israelites and "a large segment of articulate Christian opinion". It is what we call, generically, "Zionism". It is a force of Evil which the archons declare their allegiance to - a false and angry god. The Rothschilds were and still are among the world's leading financiers, with the French and British branches of the family holding influential positions in the economics of these two countries". The Viennese journalist Theodore Herzl, founder and first leader of the Zionist movement which was contrived in Switzerland, the heart of world banking, and previous world centre for Jehovah negotiated to have the Czarist government of Russia diminish the Jewish population in Russia.

A similar arrangement was negotiated [with] the Nazis in The mutual understanding between Zionism and anti-Semitism is shared by both sides on the political and personal levels". Yes, Zionists have a history of encouraging the repression and expulsion of Jews from their homelands; people are quite expendable in the greater spiritual cause of Zionism. As will be repeatedly pointed out, there are forces working at the highest levels of human society as there are in all the levels of consciousness in this dimension driven by the most corrupt, exploitative, and oppressive agenda, to achieve the most evil and cunning intrigue, worldwide.

Evil looks after its own, and readily sacrifices the innocent. The Law here represents vested interests, not justice for people. In the Kingdom of Zion there exists a system of apparent law and order, worldly and spiritually. And yet, in this system of "order" there exist exploitation and suffering on an almost unimaginable scale. The vast majority of people in this world do not have sufficient food, clothing, water, or shelter; they do not have productive employment or the prospect of bettering their lot.

We find that beneath any appearance or illusion of order, justice, goodness, and peace there lies a simmering hunger, discontent, injustice, inequality, poverty, strife, war, disease, and death. This is on purpose. The rich definitely exploit the poor and they do so mercilessly.

The slave labour of the poorer countries increases the profit for the greedy, richer ones substantially.