Digital Immortality

'Mind Uploading' & Digital Immortality May Be Reality By 2045, Futurists Say
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The manufactured organs will start small and grow larger and larger. I would say that that would be not so much just my opinion, but sort of the center point of the bell curve. This is an engineering challenge, not requiring new laws of biology to be discovered. Big data is the outside of our device storage of all the different digital data points about our life. All of our Amazon e-purchases, all of our social media Tweets and posts, all of our emails, all of the surveillance data from when we swipe an ID card to enter a building. Public surveillance.

All of this stuff is stored, ultimately —. AI, or artificial intelligence, is an operating system that tries to replicate one or more functions of the human mind. So there is AI that, for example, can navigate your way around a new city, just like your mind would try to navigate your way around a new city. Many of us even have that AI now on Google photos, on our phone. It will sound like you. Voice and images are not that difficult. But more remarkably, it will begin to think and analyze and perhaps even feel like you because it will have had access to so much of your history.

These will be psychologists who are experts in determining whether or not some software that purports to be conscious, that purports to be autonomous, that purports to be empathetic, that purports to value its life actually is….

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A few questions about this. When many of us think about artificial intelligence, we think about thinking programs, memories, problem-solving. Yes, a computer can play chess.

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They are the engineers working on the technology that will be able create wholesale copies of our minds and memories that live on after we are burned or buried. Virternity would have been the first wholly immersive endeavour to replace the physical reality with a purely digital one. Jahrhundert: Tagungsband des internationalen Symposiums. All parents take part in a grand relay race through time, passing the gene baton on and on through the centuries. Humans long to preserve their memories or, in some cases, to forget them because they remind us of who we are. These copies may then "live eternally" in a version of digital "heaven" or paradise.

We get all that. Why would we want that? That is mind-boggling. But whoa! Flashback 50 years ago.

Digital Immortality | Mind Matters

Imagine our grandparents. So it is for the 21st-century generation. Some people will want their mind clone to continue to go. Already, there are apps on Twitter, for example. So I have in my book what I call a social acceptance of weirdness chart. Things that are creepy or weird, whatever word we want to use, change over time in society. There was a time when there would have been nothing creepier than the notion of in vitro fertilization. And a test tube baby was considered an abomination. I do believe that as we move forward with these virtual humans, a future version, probably not past the s, DNR [do not resuscitate] orders are going to include my mind clone.

It would seem to me that this really could change so many things, including in some fundamental way, perhaps, our relationship to death. What it does to therapy, right? Cyberpsychologists are going to be a huge profession. And I point out in my book, as a transgendered woman, I went through a similar experience when I transitioned from male to female. It was necessary for my legal documentation as a woman to meet with psychologists for a period of years. Is this somebody who really is a woman, although without the female phenotype? They had to reach a judgment. Cyberpsychologists would be much, much larger. The second great field I recommend to people in the future — and I know a lot of people are going to hate me for this — but cyber law.

We do have a lot of lawyers. But there are very, very few of the lawyers out here right now who are prepared to deal with questions of cyber law, of the legal rights and obligations of mind clones. Are these virtual humans? Eliot Bainbridge, W. Perspectives on virtual veneration. Inf Soc, 29 3 , — CrossRef Google Scholar. Bassett, D. Who wants to live forever? Living, dying and grieving in our digital society.

Social Sciences, 4 , — Bearne, S. Plan your digital afterlife and rest in cyber peace. The Guardian. Brooker, C. Be Right Back. Black Mirror [TV Episode].

Digital Immortality

Digital immortality (or "virtual immortality") is the hypothetical concept of storing ( or transferring) a person's personality in more durable media, i.e., a computer. Your family and friends will be able to interact with a digital “you” that doles out advice—even when you're gone.

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The quest for digital immortality

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Continuing bonds in the age of social networking. Bereavement Care, 31 2 , 62— The cyberpsychology of death, dying and bereavement.

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