Christianity In Crisis: The 21st Century

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Christianity in Crisis: The 21st Century

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Christianity In Crisis

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Gloria Copeland. I Declare. Secondly, he doesn't do it in a mean-spirited or unkind manner. He's gentle and loving about it, concerned for the souls of the people who listen to these false teachers AND the false teachers themselves. The tone of the book is firm, and even aggressive at times, but Hanegraaff carefully avoids ad hominems and vitriolic attitudes. Jun 03, Jonathan Brenneman rated it it was ok. Most of the criticisms are based on severe misrepresentations of what the teachers in question actually said.

I was amazed at how grossly the author twisted their words in some cases. It seemed like it bordered on downright dishonesty.

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The only area in which I thought many of the criticisms were actually fair was the chapter "Wealth and want". Some of the people in question actually have taught a gospel of money at times, that goes far beyond any biblical prosperity teaching, even going so far as making money a means of salvation.

However, it should be noted that Kenneth Hagin himself rebuked many of the younger leaders in the WOF movement over their abuses in this very area, before his death.

Persecution and Christianity in the 21st Century

I certainly don't think any of the people whom Hank Hanegraaff called into question are above criticism. However, most of the criticism in this book is quite unfair and is a gross distortion of what these people actually teach and believe. Jun 02, Jackie rated it it was amazing. Sometimes Hanegraaff seems like a witch hunter, tracking down false teaching and false teachers. But I so appreciate his desire to make people aware of what is going on in the world.