Charlotte: A Seduction of Her Best Friend

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Immediately following Kristallnacht, in November, , Albert Salomon was arrested, incarcerated, and tortured in the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen, twenty-one miles north of Berlin. He lost half his body weight before his wife was able to acquire forged papers that secured his release.


He had spoken of her when he first courted Hannah, but he avoided telling her he might have married Lady Charlotte. Had he Charlotte was her best friend. The Ultimate Seduction [Charlotte Chandler] on Top Reviews others, all of whom told her that they found the ultimate seduction in their work.

The couple quickly ushered their daughter out of the country. Salomon spent five years in this Mediterranean paradise of water, sunshine, olive trees, steep and rugged coastline, and Tiepolo-pink sunsets. Shortly after, Salomon moved with her grandparents to a small apartment in Nice.

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The horror was not over. Three months later, in June, , after the French surrendered to the Nazis, Salomon and her grandfather were interred for several weeks in the Vichy-run concentration camp of Gurs, in southwestern France. The camp had no running water, the barracks had no windows or insulation, and the food was rotten.

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Typhoid and dysentery were rampant. I was constantly beet-red from mute rage and grief. Back in Villefranche, on the verge of a breakdown, Salomon consulted the local doctor, Dr. Georges Moridis. He advised her to paint. I knew I had a mission, and no power on earth could stop me. A new law stated that Jews had to report to the authorities, and Salomon had gone to the police in Nice, where she was immediately put on a crowded transport bus.

As the vehicle was about to leave, a French policeman suddenly rushed her off the bus and told her to run away as quickly as possible. As the war escalated, Ottilie Moore had fled France in the fall of , taking at least six some reports say nine children with her, including two babies, who swung in cradles from the roof inside her car, and a goat to sell for gasoline along the road to Portugal, where she boarded a ship to New York.

Salomon married Nagler, who was thirteen years her senior, in the Nice Town Hall, on June 17th—a risky move that produced legal evidence of their existence and address. Moridis and his wife were their witnesses. Arriving one evening on the doorstep of Dr. Salomon was thrown into the truck. Nagler insisted on accompanying his wife. After registration at the Excelsior Hotel in Nice, they were transported by train to the deportation camp of Drancy, outside of Paris, arriving on September 27th.

On October 7th, they were sealed into a cattle car—convoy No. Salomon, who was five months pregnant, was gassed upon arrival, on October 10, She was twenty-six years old. In , the couple travelled to Villefranche, where Moore handed them the packages of paintings that Dr. Moridis had given her upon her return to France. This gouache presents the girl in a pink dress, sitting in a green field dotted with impertinent yellow buttercups, a warm blue sky above the green horizon, a distillation of youthful femininity.

She cradles a paintbrush and canvas close to her body, as if emanations from her belly, the woman and her work inseparable. They are my whole life. Who is this? Perhaps it is Salomon herself emerging from her own Orphic journey. She is a woman, an artist, a revolution. On second thought, let's not and say we did. Seduction by Charlotte Lamb presents us with a real weasel of a "Hero. This is a little cowardly weasel who lets his view spoiler [ ex girlfriend hide spoiler ] do the dirty work of tricking a reluctant h into his clutches.

He really made me miss those jerky tycoons who take the pain to personally blackmail the h into an affair or marriage. At least, they had the courage and integrity to spell out what they wanted, owning up to their unscrupulous, evil ways, and unabashedly and unapologetically going after the h.

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This guy doesn't even try the forced seduction routine because he likes her, let alone loves her. He is just peeved that she didn't fall on the ground worshipping him after meeting him for a long five minutes and he wants to teach her, and her overbearing stepdad, a lesson. The inevitable conclusion view spoiler [that has him realizing after the fact that he does in fact love her hide spoiler ] was hollow and implausible. And once again, he does nothing proactive, leaving the responsibility of fixing his huge fuck up to an intermediary view spoiler [same ex-girlfriend as before hide spoiler ].

Not my kind of Harlequinny goodness-filled fantasy world at all.

Double Date Night - lesbian oral friends anal seduction blow job girlfriend stories swapping

View all 7 comments. Nov 20, KatieV rated it liked it Shelves: wtf-hp-rec , hero-controlling-possessive , hero-total-ass , hero-rapes-heroine , pre-2k-oldie , anti-hero , disturbing-elements , forced-seduction , genre-contemporary , hero-extrmly-jealous.

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What can I say. Charlotte Lamb was a good writer, but she sure knew how to create a disturbing hero and I can totally see why she is a fav of many who are fans of the more hardcore old, old skool, dark romances. The title was either meant ironically or it was the hero's idea. Seduction was not what was happening here, unless you were the hero. I like old skool bodice ripper type of novels. I know it's offensive or triggering for What can I say.

I know it's offensive or triggering for some and I respect that, but the rape fantasy is a thing. It doesn't mean that a woman wants to be raped IRL, hence the term 'fantasy'.

It's very much like CL knew that and decided to screw with those readers by introducing some reality. The h's thought process and the things he said to the heroine was classic rape culture dogma. Usually the heroine ends up outsmarting him and killing him. Much more of a horror movie than a romance.

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CF knows how to write this type of hero that is neither Alpha or Beta. Isabella was a far better developed character than Lord Black, as a reader I felt an instant connection with her that was only strengthened by the delving into her past and writings. Told from the point of view of the younger woman, a penniless governess, the story takes the form of a sequence of dialogues. Salomon drew this portrait of her grandfather, in February, , as he died in front of her. On October 7th, they were sealed into a cattle car—convoy No. I only rated this a 3 star because it dragged quite a bit in the middle with the dream sequences and fictional journal writing. I knew I had a mission, and no power on earth could stop me.

Oh, how times do change. There was some groveling in the end of this and the hero did supposedly recognize his wrongs and the heroine didn't immediately melt. Still, I'd never trust his epiphany. He admittedly hates women. That's a dangerous thing. Anyway, wish I could have met CL.

I bet she was a fascinating woman. She so obviously from things that heroine thought and in other books things that secondary characters say was not drinking her own Kool-Aid. She knew how f'd up her books were. I'd have liked to have gotten her true perspective and know what she was trying to accomplish. Maybe she just enjoyed screwing with people ; She came to live with her stepfather, Kerasteri as a young girl when Kerasteri married her mother.

Double Date Night

After her mother's death when she was a teenager, Clea stayed in Greece as she has no close family in England. Clea's stepsister is a very outgoing and flirtatious young woman who happens to be a year younger than Clea. One day her stepsister brings home the very handsome half Greek half British Ben Winter for dinner. Ben was taken with Clea's beauty from the beginning. Clea feels an attraction to Ben as well but gives him the cold shoulder. Karasteri notes Ben's attraction and informs him in a subtle way during dinner, that both Clea and her stepsister are engaged to be married.

Clea has been thinking about her upcoming nuptials for some time and decided that she must make a run for it. Her stepfather will not allow her to stay in his home if she refuses to marry the man he chose for her. Furthermore, her feelings for Ben are equally troubling for her. While thinking about her upcoming move, she moves to the window after having taken a shower lost in her thoughts.