At This Mountain Long Enough: The guide to getting unstuck in your life

Transform Your Life In 2 Weeks: 14 Simple Things To Do That Will Make You Healthier And Happier
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Still, you should mind your criteria and make wise comparisons. Otherwise, you risk feeling down and even more stuck when you see others are doing better than you. We are all unique and have our own unique journeys in life , which makes any comparison pointless, right? So what? Leave it behind and shift the focus of your attention to other aspects of your life. If you keep pushing yourself, it may be counterproductive. So, be smart and admit to yourself when enough is enough.

Stop chasing for more at any cost but try valuing who you are and being grateful for what you have at the moment. Remember — you cannot and should not always do everything alone.

Iyanla's Fixins: Being Stuck

No one expects you to know everything and have all the answers at every moment. When you feel stuck in your love life, you could share your thoughts and feelings with a friend you trust.

SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life

Also, when you feel stuck at work, you could talk to a trustworthy colleague or even better — to your boss. Just be honest and fair. Show the willingness to learn and change and people will be ready to lend a hand. If you find your situation deadly serious, consider asking for professional support from someone who can and will help you to:.

Also, bear in mind that we all get stuck in life from time to time and we all feel the same. See which online job skills are in-demand today. Click here to download your free skills in-demand cheat sheet. Photo courtesy of Pexels by rawpixel. I'm using my 20 years' experience in building and operating online businesses to create engaging educational materials that helps others become successful online workers.

Prospect for a better life. Research phased retirement to see if this is a good option. Start here. Start your day with this question: What is one step can you take this week to get you unstuck? Write it with lipstick on the mirror in your bathroom.


Tell the cleaning ladies not to touch it. I promise it will last days.

Then tell the maids they can clean the mirror. Take 2 sheets of white copy paper. Write your birth date on one; write your anticipated departure date on the other. Collect 15 index cards in the same color. Tape on a wall in this order: birth date, index card, departure day. That index card is the dash — the time between two life events. You are living the dash everyday.

Be thinking about that dash for the next 10 days. There should be a plan for that dash. What do you need to do soon? Buy some colored jelly beans. Pick the one that makes you want to vomit. In this exercise, it symbolizes every thing that makes you sick about your life.

#14 Getting UNSTUCK with Anita Lane & Shifting Toward Limitlessness

This is the ho-hum part of your life. Take that jelly bean and put it where you can see it everyday. When you diminished or eliminate at least 4 things that make you sick or bore you death, throw the jelly bean in the trash. RoadMap, by Roadtrip Nation. Select five different people who are each earning a living after 60 and seem to be engaged with their work. Have a conversation with them and identify what happened in their time of transition. How did they find or forge a new path? Ask for 10 minutes of their time. Identify a dormant interest.

Become knowledgeable with current information through the internet or books. Determine a geographical place that inspires you then go.

How can I ever leave my comfort zone and finally get unstuck?

Compre At This Mountain Long Enough: The guide to getting unstuck in your life ( English Edition) de Heather Barker, Jamal Boodhoo, Nailah Umoja, Julie. At This Mountain Long Enough: The guide to getting unstuck in your life - Kindle edition by Heather Barker, Jamal Boodhoo, Nailah Umoja, Julie Joefield-Parris.

Act on this whim. I once went to Oaxaca, Mexico because of a picture in a travel magazine. I loved that picture and that trip began a life-long adventure of collecting local art that I treasure. With the artist, Ariel Dawi, in front of his painting, Rojo Grande.

Big Rojo now graces my dining area. Since that visit to Oaxaca years ago, my love for local arts remains strong as you can see! Make a public declaration to someone you respect.

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Clarify an intention to improve your situation by getting unstuck. Present a plan in 30 days. Ask for feedback; revise; take action; be accountable. Invent a job in your head or a lifestyle you want. Breakdown the work or the lifestyle into areas. Select two possibilities right now to investigate. Overhaul your lifestyle by cleaning out your calendar. Out it goes. Big commitments like leaving the Coast Guard after 20 years of service.

Stay Inspired. Stay Connected.

Breathe life into the space you have created. Determine what one thing you do can do at this point in your life to come to a new understanding of your self? Who are you now anyway? Visit the past but instead of romanticizing the past — a backward tendency — dissect it for the negatives. What three things would you have done differently? How might those actions in hindsight shape what you do in a Post50 life?

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Follow one-three people on any social media outlet. Make 20 comments in the next days on each site. What did you learn about yourself? Identify your roadblocks. Select your top three. Have a conversation with one of them every day. Create a manifesto of what you believe holds true. My one concession to writing something down. Make it visually appealing.